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Children's Theatre Workshop
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Research has shown that participating in a drama program has a positive impact on a young person's self-confidence, their overall sense of wellbeing and anxiety levels.

In an age when we are increasingly connecting with digital devices over each other, our workshops offer a safe environment for students to engage, explore and overcome the myriad issues they face on a daily basis, whilst nurturing and encouraging self-expression, all without confronting and uncomfortable conversations.

In line with Public Health England's whole school approach to promoting children and young people’s mental health, we offer a service that meets all eight principles:

 Eight principles to promoting a whole school or college approach to mental health and wellbeing.
Children's Mental Wellbeing

"An incident came up in my class where a disclosure was made through drama. Without the valuable workshop, this safeguarding issue would not have been known. The workshop enabled the children to express themselves in a way they may not have done otherwise"

-Yr 3 Teacher, Woodlands Primary

Benefits to Students

  • A non-confrontational way to discuss and explore mental health​

  • Identifies areas which can be worked on to improve overall wellbeing

  • Builds self-confidence

  • Provides a safe outlet for internal anxieties

  • Encourages open communication

  • Nurtures and encourages self-expression

  • Develops broad communication skills across all areas

  • Inspires the courage to ask for help where required

  • Cultivates individual strengths and talents

  • Provides opportunity for those with learning difficulties to connect with their potential

  • Educates on the importance of looking after the mental health of others as well as oneself


"I learnt that it is good to be healthy and have balance in my life"


- Child, Meryfield Primary

Children's Mental Health

Benefits to Establishments

  • A cost and time effective way of looking after student's mental health

  • Equips teachers with a new set of skills to enhance the wellbeing of their students, as well as their own, moving forward

  • Results in happier and more engaged students with improved academic focus

  • Provides the opportunity to better understand students as individuals and from an alternative perspective

  • Identifies hidden mental health issues to allow for early intervention

  • Creates an opportunity to demonstrate a focus on pastoral care to parents

  • Reaches many students in one go

  • Programs can be held on site with no need for a particular setting

  • Programs can be tailored to all age groups

  • Supports existing mental health provisions

  • Allows teachers to concentrate on their existing work load rather than co-ordinating projects themselves

  • Fills a gap where lack of time means mental health issues are not always identified or dealt with

  • Introduces an increased support network, such as local funding, to maintain ongoing wellbeing awareness

Theatre Workshop

"The children were invigorated. This is the best early intervention program I've ever seen"

-School Governor

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